Faces & Focus

Faces & Focus is a new DJUSD program on Channel 17 Educational Access television and is produced in partnership with Davis Media Access (DMA). It is hosted by Maria Clayton, DJUSD Public Information Officer.

The new series is just one step in a new approach to DJUSD messaging. The thirty-minute episodes of Faces & Focus will be shown on Channel 17, but previews or links will be embedded on websites, Facebook posts or digital communications to capture the interests of those who may choose to access news from online sources.

To share ideas or suggestions for future episodes, contact communications@djusd.net.

Faces & Focus: Marcia Bernard - Technology in Our Schools

Maria Clayton talks with Marcia Bernard, Director of Instructional Technology & Learning for DJUSD.

Learn about how technology is being deployed in Davis classrooms, what's happening to improve access and equity and the exciting initiatives on the horizon.