• Arts In Our Schools features visual and performing arts performances by local Davis students.  Past seasons have included performances by students at all academic levels: elementary orchestra, junior high choirs, concert and jazz bands, and orchestras, and high school concert, symphonic and jazz bands, symphony orchestra, and singing groups including the Madrigals, Jazz Choir and other high school level choral groups.

    In addition performances by the High School Drama Department are included along with independent summer camp performances attended by Davis students.

    DVD copies of many of these programs are available.  Please see our DVD Order Information Page for more information.

    Production standards for IPAB video shoots are located here: IPAB Video Production Standards

  • Authors and Poets Speak features, among other offerings, the Meet the Authors series from the Fairfax Network presenting interviews with contemporary leading children's authors.  The Fairfax Network creates programming for educators to use in the classroom, and for public television stations and cable systems.

    In addition, the series features talks by, interviews with and documentaries about leading literary figures.  The series also draws content from the Lannan Foundation and the Center for International Education.  The Lannan Foundation is a family foundation dedicated to cultural freedom, diversity and creativity through projects which support exceptional contemporary artists and writers, as well as inspired Native activists in rural indigenous communities.  The Center for International Education is a Minnesota based non-profit foundation that produces documentaries featuring poets and writers with origins in the mid-west but with world-wide reputations.

  • California Arts is a Channel 17 exclusive series highlighting the visual and performing arts from local artists and statewide trends in the arts. In partnership with the Natsoulas Gallery artists and exhibitions are featured and annual events such as the Beat Generation and Beyond Conferences and the California Conferences for the Advancement of Ceramic Arts are highlighted.

    In addition, a series of shows on early California impressionist art and recent diverse trends in cultural performing arts from the Anson Ford Theatre are presented.

  • Launched in 1994, Classic Arts Showcase is a free cable television program designed to bring the classic arts experience to the largest audience possible by providing video clips of the arts in hopes that we may tempt you, the viewer, to go out and feast from the buffet of arts available in your community.

    The spectrum of classic arts disciplines aired on Classic Arts Showcase includes video samplings of animation, architectural art, ballet, chamber and choral music, dance, folk art, museum art, musical theater, opera, orchestral, recital, solo instrumental, solo vocal, and theatrical performances, as well as classic film and archival documentaries.

    Classic Arts Showcase FAQ

  • Deutsche Welle TV is public broadcasting from an international perspective.  Originating from studios in Berlin and Brussels, the DW-TV news and public affairs departments cover current events throughout the world. 

    In addition, arts, business, cultural and technological aspects of European life are presented in a series of magazine format programs.  The first half of each hour segment presents Journal, which features late breaking international news and an in-depth report of a current news story while the second half of the segment features a magazine style show on various topics.

  • The various PTAs of the DJUSD occasionally sponsor Education Nights.  Guest speakers and educators help to explain and clarify issues relevant to our students, as well as offer advice on various topics of concern to all.

    Not all of these presentations are available on Channel 17, but when guests are willing and a PTA desires it, the events are recorded and aired on Channel 17, as well as offered as video-on-demand. (See Tab Menu above).

    DVD copies of some of these programs are available.  Please see our DVD Order Information Page for more information.

    There is also the Davis Parent University Lecture Series - The Whole Child, whose content can be found here: and here:

  • To help parents understand the No Child Left Behind Act.  and all the important changes it brought, the U.S. Department of Education launched a new monthly television series entitled Education News Parents Can Use.

    The program features a live format, viewer call-ins, and lively discussion.  What is different about Education News is its focus on information and resources of value to parents and families.  The program features brief segments, including one-on-one interviews, "how-to" demonstrations, more video and graphics, and brief conversations with parents, educators, community, business and religious leaders, and education experts.

  • Faces & Focus is a new DJUSD program on Channel 17 Educational Access television and is produced in partnership with Davis Media Access (DMA). It is hosted by Maria Clayton, DJUSD Public Information Officer.

    The new series is just one step in a new approach to DJUSD messaging. The thirty-minute episodes of Faces & Focus will be shown on Channel 17, but previews or links will be embedded on websites, Facebook posts or digital communications to capture the interests of those who may choose to access news from online sources.

    To share ideas or suggestions for future episodes, contact

  • France Feelings is a bimonthly series on current events, travel, cuisine and contemporary life in France. An entertaining and informative look at different aspects of French life, France Feelings offers a brief overview of topical politics, trends in fashion and entertainment, as well as movie and music reviews. The last half of the shows usually highlights a geographical area or event in greater detail.

    France Feelings is a production of Audiovisual Cultural Services of the French Consulate General.

  • Friday Night Student Flix features locally produced student cinema, film festivals, awards and lectures by professional digital media creators.  Many programs are courtesy of the Sacramento base Tower of Youth organization.  In addition, a number of films have been submitted for airing from students as far away as Michigan, Maine and Georgia.