High School Graduations

Channel 17 records the five local High school graduation ceremonies and replays them a number of times over the course of the summer. See https://djusd.davismedia.org/schedule/today

DVDs of the ceremonies, including past recorded events, are available.  Please see Graduation Order Page for more information.

DJUSD Graduations FAQ

How can I get a Commemorative DVD or Blu-ray of a DJUSD HS Graduation?
All five local HS graduations will be recorded again this year by Davis Media Access.
DVDs and Blu-rays are available for sale here:

Will any of the graduations be broadcast live on DJUSD.tv Comcast Channel 17 or streamed live on the Internet?
Not this year.

Will any of the graduations be broadcast after the fact on DJUSD.tv Comcast Channel 17?
The graduations will be broadcast as replays on DJUSD.tv Comcast Channel 17. Please consult https://djusd.davismedia.org/schedule/today periodically to see when they will air. Airings will not begin until at least a week after the graduations to give staff time to complete all the productions and necessary editing.

Will any of the graduations be available on YouTube or Vimeo, etc.?
No. Because proceeds from DVD/Blu-ray sales are used to support DJUSD.tv Comcast Channel 17’s activities as well as other Davis Media Access programs, such as the High School Media Production Internship Program, they are not made available for streaming on YouTube or other online platforms, including DJUSD.tv’s website. If you would like to order a DVD or Blu-ray you can do so here: https://davismedia.org/grad

Is DJUSD.tv Channel 17 only available to Comcast subscribers?
DJUSD.tv is also broadcast via AT&T’s U-verse, accessible through Menu 99. It is available in a larger geographical area but the quality is slightly lower than Comcast’s regular cable Channel 17.