Ranked: A New Musical

Category: DJUSD-Arts in Our Schools
Produced: December 5th, 2019



Written by Kyle Holmes with Music by David Tayler Gomes

Directed by Chad Fisk with Musical Direction by Steven Ilagan

Richard Brunelle Performance Hall.

Recorded November 15 by Davis Media Access.


Imagine a public high school in a town like Davis dominated by 2 giant screens featuring the daily ACADEMIC RANKING of EVERY student, which are the FOCUS of students and adults throughout the school and community; as every student’s social status is tied to their Rank and those at the top enjoy mocking those who struggle.

Then there is a shocking revelation that cuts off the Ranking and threatens to topple the system.

This fast paced script, written by Kyle Holmes, moves with urgency while managing to capture the complexity and nuance of being a driven and vulnerable teenager. And David Taylor Gomes provides a rich and vibrant original score that captures the frenetic energy of high school with catchy pop/rock melodies that will be stuck in your head for days.

Ranked asks audiences of all ages -- What are you worth? Who decides? And what do you do when it all comes crashing down?

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