Video Production Standards for IPAB

IPAB Standard Shoot

3 Standard Definition cameras (720x480 NTSC) up on balcony - Middle, Right, Left.
Mixed live via Videonics switcher by the Director.

2 microphones hang from walkway, left and right.
Mixed live via Behringer 8 channel mixer by Director.

Footage Captured:
A/V is recorded as AVI type 2 clips via analog output on the Videonics,
digitized via stand alone Canopus unit and recorded via firewire onto a
Firestore hard drive.

Post Production:
- AVI type 2 clips are imported into Adobe Premiere.
- Simple title pages are added at the beginning and end of performances.
- Intermissions are cut out, other segues if possible to lower total run time.
- Audio gain is adjusted "in total" only, not by individual clips or
making subclips.
- Sequences are exported into MPEG 2 format, ideally to fit onto DVD (4.2
GB or smaller).
- If sequence is too long, MPEG 2 is directly loaded to Ch. 17 playback

IPAB Special Shoots
1 camera added on stage or near stage for close ups.
DV stream taken for closed-circuit tv feed.
Audio is recorded, mixed at home and combined with video feed by Russ Hobby.